T e s t i n g   H o r i z o n t a l l y – s c r o l l e d  P a g e s.        I n   P r o c e s s.

Home: Just the numbers
1. How did it all begin? And, what does it mean? There are many challenges to the big bang. Our Quiet Expansion.
2. Might that model, based on a Quiet Expansion, be more robust than the big bang theory?
3. There are just over 200 base-2 exponential notations from the Planck Time to the Age of the Universe.
Here is the first-draft of 36 pages of notations and notes within a horizontally-scrolled format.  The overall set of three scales, twelve pages in each, has been roughed out. This is a very fluid environment. There will be many changes as experts help to refine it.
4. A vertical scrolling chart of the five Planck base units.
< Small Scale:
1-6 7-12   13-18   19-24   25-30   31-36   37-42   43-48  49-54 55-60  61-66  67-72
Human Scale:
67-72  73-78  79-84   85-90  91-96  97-102  103-108   109-114  115-120  121-126   127-132  133-138
Large Scale:
133-138  139-144   145-150  151-156  157-162  163-168  169-174  175-180 181-186  187-192 193-198  199-204
< This model challenges us to think differently about the scale and scope of an integrated Universe View.
We will continue to try to improve this horizontal scroll through the Big Board – little universe project. Your suggestions are welcomed.
< Your ideas, comments, suggestions and questions are most welcomed.
Please write: camber(at)bblu.org Eventually there will be over 200 pages, one per notation.
Would you like to help? If so, please contact Bruce Camber at camber (at) bblu.org
Open HTML programming questions: Is it possible to code instructions so there is a bottom navigation bar that can readily move the pages with single clicks, page by page, to the beginning-middle-end, and so on. Could this resource work? Please contact Bruce Camber at camber (at) bblu.org
< There are four prior charts:
Chart 1: December, 2011.  The original chart, introduced December 2011 (divide-and-multiply a tetrahedron by 2), has two columns, Notations 1-118 on the left and Notations 1-91 on the right.
Chart 2: September 2012, modified Chart 1. Multiply the Planck Length and each result by 2 renders two columns, notations 101 to 1 on the left and 101 to 200+ on the right.
Chart 3: September 2013.  One of three possible charts, the Human Scale (Notations 67-134) was completed. Charts for the small scale (Notations 1-67) and large scale (134-200+) will be done.  
Chart 4: February 2015, start with the maximum current values of the Planck Base Units, divide by two and keep dividing by 2, to the singularity of the base units of length and time.A few of the resources being usedhttp://www.thehorizontalway.com

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