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Small-scale Universe 1-67
Right Arrow Of the 200+ base-2 notations from the Planck base units to this day, 67± notations are within the small scale. The background story.
Singularity=0 Base Units 1 2 3 4 5 6
Planck.Time 5.391×10-44 (s) 1.078×10−43 (s) 2.156×10−43 (s) 4.312×10−43 (s) 8.625×10−43 (s) 1.725×10−42 (s) 3.450×10−42 (s)
Planck.Length 1.6161×10-35.(m) 3.2323×10-35.(m) 6.4647×10-35.(m) 1.2929×10-34.(m) 2.5859×10-34.(m) 5.1718×10-34.(m) 1.0343×10-33m
Planck.Mass 2.1765×10-8.(kg) 4.3530×10-8.(kg) 8.7060×10-8.(kg) 1.7412×10-7 (kg) 3.4824×10-7.(kg) 6.9648×10-7.(kg) 1.3929×10-6.(kg)
Planck.Charge 1.8755×10-18 (C) 3.7511×10-18 (C) 7.5023×10-18 (C) 1.5004×10-17 (C) 3.0009×10-17.(C) 6.0019×10-17.(C) 1.2003×10-16.(C)
Planck.Temp 1.4168×1032 (K) 4.4084×10-27 (K) 8.816×10-27 (K) 1.763×10-26 (K) 1.763×10-26 (K) 3.526×10-26 (K) 7.053×10-26 (K)
Base-2 Vertices (×2) 1 1 2 4 8 16
Scaling Vertices (×8) 1 8 64 512 4096 32768
Speed of light (m/sec) 299,791,692.172 299,792,155.9 299,790,300.98 299,792,613.83 299,792,613.837 299,792,613.83
Ontology Form 1: Sphere Form 2: Spheres Form 3: Stack Form 4: Pointfree 5: Geometries 6: Trigonometrics
The big bang theory in light of a quiet expansion of 201+ notations.
Three questions open up a more simple mathematical model of the universe:
1. Can this model, a Quiet Expansion (QE), actually defuse the big bang? The math within the QE model could redefine the first four “epochs”(and most-key elements) of the big bang theory (bbt). If it is defused and becomes an historic statement, From Lemaître to Hawking, science can move on within somewhat-prescribed boundary conditions and known parameters. The first four epochs of the big bang theory can readily be subjected to redefinition. These “epochs” amount to less than a trillionth-of-a-trillionth a second.
2. Are ethics and values built into the fabric of the universe? The QE model establishes a simple continuity equation from the first moment in time through the Age of the Universe (this day and this moment). These simple mathematical constructions quickly evolve as geometrical constructions and symmetry groups. Mathematically the constructions become quite dynamic and some harmonic. Continuity, symmetry and harmony are the foundations for a natural value equation deep-seated within the universe. Most every flavor of ethics, morals, and values can be appreciated for what they do and don’t do, and for why they are.
3. How can we more fully understand the finite-infinite relation? This finite-infinite relation is perhaps best described as a study of perfection and moments of perfection and that the geometries and mathematics of imperfection are also better defined and understood as a result and known today as quantum mechanics.Consider the four epochs in question:Planck Epoch or a Planck Moment: The finite-infinite relation most intimately defines the first notation and is necessarily within all notations building from the first. An infinitesimal duration, it is the beginning that creates space and time and then extends within space and time much like the birthing process. As of today, the Planck base units are our simplest-deepest-best description of this moment.Grand Unification and the Electroweak Epochs or Processes: Based on the fact that entities and things require a necessary amount of space that only becomes available from the 67th notation and above, the first 60 to 66 notations are foundational to all notations. Using the analogy of the birthing process, all the forms-and-functions, then processes-and-procedures, and then relations-and-systems prior to the actual birthing event, are the first 60 or so notations. Here that finite-infinite relation creates the foundational order, the most basic relations, and many dynamical systems prior to the uniqueness of every reasonable analogue to the birthing event.

The Grand Unification processes continue beyond the 67th notation as specific Unification processes. The electroweak processes now begin to manifest and the measurements given by the big bang theorists can be tweaked and integrated within the Quiet Expansion model.

Inflationary Epoch or Processes: Just as there are still many many questions about cellular division, there are even more open questions within this model. However, the force, the infinitesimal amount of energy, available to this process are working ratios of the Planck base units whereby order, relations, and dynamics evolve with a perfect continuity, perfect symmetry, and a deep harmony within every sphere and basic structure. This concept was initially put forth as a philosophical orientation to life, and then it was explored in a post about numbers called,
On Constructing the Universe From Scratch (see pages 5 and 6)

Background Introduction: This is page 1 of 37. Here, side-by-side, all 37 pages can be horizontally-scrolled as a single page. It is the entire model of the universe called, Big Board – little universe. The vertically-scrolled chart was completed in February 2015. The first chart was done in December 2011. Here we continue the process of encapsulating everything, everywhere in the universe, throughout all time. Though this chart suggests that space-time-mass-energy-temperature are necessarily and inextricably related, the challenge of this model is to demonstrate how this is so. This work is quite at odds with the big bang theory (bbt), yet we believe every formula and relation defined throughout the bbt history can also be found within our emerging model and view of the universe. To broaden its perspective, we will also attempt to examine as many transitions as possible between the finite-infinite, especially the role of pi, projective geometries, bifurcation theory, the dimensionless constants, and number theory.

Key concept: Planck Temperature has been moved to the top of the chart. One of the working assumptions of the project is that everything starts most simply and complexity comes later, and that space-and-time are finite, discrete, derivative and quantized. Of course, this logic will be further discussed.

Key questions: What mathematics are at work? The simple answer is, “All mathematics are at work here. No formula is exempt. And, eventually every formula will be in some way tied back to this model.” Notwithstanding, here is our first, introductory post about numbers.

Speed of Light: A simple calculation is to divide the Planck Length by Planck Time. Using just the units displayed above, the result is 299,777,406.78 m/sec. Using 3.23239/1.078212 the result is 2.99791692172 or 299,791,692.172 m/sec. These simple results, first posted on May 3, 2016, will be tweaked. Of course, the result of experimental measurement is 299,792,458 meters/second in a vacuum. Within notation 3, it is 1.29295 divided by 4.312848 which equals 299,790,300.98. There is much more to come!

Entitive Manifestations: Though not an active row until July 4, 2016, the nature of thingness has been part of our mindscape for many, many years going back to Martin Heidegger’s key question, What is a thing? Our first charts of the Big Board-little universe all focused on things determined by the multiple of the Planck Length. All the data from those earlier charts will now be integrated within our horizontally-scrolled chart.

Help wanted: For every notation, we would like to have an expert and a team. Within this group of notations, we especially seek help from people who can help us re-enact Max Planck’s thinking and the veracity of each formulation of the Planck base units.

Can you help us?

Key words, primary concepts, and links to references for these ten notations:
1. Geometries: Projective, Euclidean, differential (Riemannian, Lie groups, etc), discrete and combinatorial, algebraic and transformational…
2. The Pre-Measureable Structure of Matter: Might we conclude that this Small-Scale Universe is the structure that holds things together? Is it a re-definition of the ether? Is it MIT Frank Wilczek’s grid?
3. Renormalization(Scale Invariance, Universality, isotropy, homogeneity: Is it possible that everything-everywhere in the universe shares the first 67 notations, and uniquely evolves with those characteristics given within the 67th to 134th notations, and then begins to manifest in each of the large-scale notations, unfolding uniquely in the 201st as “the given within the current moment”?

Editor’s note: Can you help upgrade that last sentence? I’ll be profoundly grateful. -BEC

Finite-Infinite: Studied throughout the history of humanity, this model provides a basis for a thorough reexamination of the concepts, mathematics and principles that operate between the two. Already there are several posts that open these reflections: (1) What is finite? And, what is truly infinite? and (2) Finite-Infinite reflections.

Design thoughts:
1. The areas above and below the numbers and discussions could also be used for graphics that are related to these notations. Perhaps a color background could reflect its temperature in its part of the universe.
2. Perhaps the area above the “Big Board-little universe” title (underlined) can be used for related graphics and color.
3. This “one page” board ideally would be a wiki page where schools and universities and the public could collaborate, update and add data.
4. Base-2 notation from the five Planck Base Units to their maximums is still early-stage work. We’ll be adding dimensionless constants. Could this table be a spreadsheet? April 27, 2016: More updating to come.

Process: Examples of Horizontal Scrolling Horizontal Scrolling Example #1, #2, #3 and #4 (pop up windows).