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The number of Scaling Vertices could now support any and all geometries.
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16 17 18
4.416356×10-40s 8.832712×10-40s 1.766542×10-39s T(seconds) 3.53085×10-39s 7.06617×10-39s 1.413234×10-38s
1.323991×10-31m 2.647982×10-31m 5.295964×10-31m L(meters) 1.059192×10-30m 2.118385×10-30m 4.236771×10-30m
1.782996×10-4kg 3.565993×10-4kg 7.131987×10-4kg M(kilograms) 1.426397×10-3kg 2.852795×10-3kg 5.705590×10-3kg
1.53648×10-14C 3.07297×10-14C 6.14595×10-14C C(Coulombs) 1.229190×10-13C 2.458381×10-13C 4.916762×10-13C
1.805716×10-23K 3.611432×10-23K 7.222864×10-23K T(Kelvin) 1.444572×10-22K 2.889145×10-22K 5.778291×10-22K
2048 4096 8192 B2Vertices 16,384 32,768 65,536
68,719,476,736 549,755,813,888 4.3980465×1012 ScalingV 3.5184372×1013 2.8147497×1014 2.2517998×1015
299,792,634.47 299,792,634.47 299,792,702.353 Light m/sec 299,982,157.27 299,792,532.58 299,792,603.348
Discussion: Since the first Big Board-little universe in December 2011, there have been many other charts and posts to begin to discern the meaning and value of these all these numbers. One of the simplest charts was entitled, Universe Table, The Human Scale. In this chart the Small Scale and Large Scale are compressed so most of the entries represent as many as ten notations. Within the small scale, the first group of ten are labelled “Forms” after Plato’s work in the Timeaus. The next group of ten are labelled “Ousia” after Aristotle’s work on the nature of structure.

Within another posting about numbers, the place of Pi and bifurcation theory are raised. It is within the first ten notations, this work may well be applied and developed. It could also include combinatorics, cellular automaton, cubic close packing, bifurcation theory, the Langlands program, mereotopology and point-free geometry (A.N. Whitehead, Harvard, 1929), the 80-known binary operations, and scalar field theory.

Cellular Automaton. Work being done within computer science, its logic and functions, are entirely analogous to mathematical logic, functions, and binary operations. Our studies, particularly of Steve Wolfram’s New Kind of Science, is being pursued with great expectations that some of this work uniquely applies to the first ten-to-twenty notations.

Key questions about order, relations and dynamics: At last count, Pi has been computed out to over 12.1 trillion digits that form no discernible pattern and appear to be non-ending. It seems that pi holds part of the secret about the random, chaotic, statistical nature of things within quantum mechanics. The other is in the gap between the five tetrahedral cluster which is called a pentastar until a better name is posted.

Key words: Primary concepts and links to references for these six notationsOne of the supporting posts for these initial 67 notations asks the question, “Are the first 67 notations key missing links?”>Are the first 67 notations key missing links?

Notation, Exponentiation, Vertex Counts for B2 and Scaling Vertices: From notations 19 to 24 the actual number of vertices is stored in its own page which can be accessed by clicking here. Complete numbers of scaling vertices: 4398046511104, 35184372088832, 281474976710656; 2,251,799,813,685,248 (2.2 quadrillion)

Open: Updated, May 7, 2016, Much more work to come.