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Transitions between the Human Scale Universe and Large Scale Universe
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5.8707×10-4.s 1.1741×10-3.s 2.348×10-3.s T(seconds) 4.6965×10-3.s 9.3931×10-3.s 1.8786×10-2.s L(meters)
2.3700×1031kg 4.7400×1031kg 9.4800×1031kg M(kilograms) 1.8960×1032kg 3.7920×1032kg 7.5840×1032kg
2.0423×1022C 4.0846×1022C 8.1693×1022C C(Coulombs) 1.6338×1023C 3.2677×1023C 6.5354×1023C
2.4002×1011 K 4.8004×1011 K 9.6008×1011 K T(Kelvin) 1.9201×1012 K 3.8403×1012 K 7.6806×1012 K
2.7222×1039 5.4445×1039 1.088×1040 B2Vertices 2.1778×1040 4.3556×1040 8.7112×1040
1.29112×10120 1.0328×10121 8.2631×10121 ScalingV 6.6105×10122 5.2884×10123 4.2307×10124
299,773,656.389 299,773,657.92 299,773,656.644 Light m/sec 299,773,813.655 299,773,822.172 299,773,659.408
The Electroweak Epoch (now renamed Electroweak Processes). Requiring an estimated temperature of 2×1012 Kelvin to create the Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP), this process could begin as early as notations 136 and 137. It requires 175 MeV per particle. We’ll need help to figure that out! The universe is less than one-hundreth of second from its start.

The Large-Scale Universe Begins Within This Cluster: And, there are eight key time measurements.
One second: Between the 143rd and 144th notations.
One day: At 86,400 seconds, it is between the 160th and 161st notations.
One week: At 604,8000 seconds, it is within the 163rd notation.
One month: An average of 2,629,746 seconds, it is within the 165th notation.
One year: An average of 31,556,952 seconds, it is between the 168th and 169th notations.
One millennium: 1000 years, an average of 31,556,952,000 seconds, it is between the 178th and 179th notations.
One million years: An average of 31,556,952,000,000 seconds, it is between the 188th and 189th notations.
One billion years, an aeon: An average of 31,556,952,000,000,000 seconds, it is between the 198th and 200th notations.

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Design thoughts:Link to Vertex Counts for B2 and Scaling: From notations 139 to 200+ the actual number of vertices will be stored in its own page which can be accessed by clicking here.