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By the 20th notation there are over a quintillion Scaling Vertices.
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2.826468×10-38s 5.653293×10-38s 1.130658×10-37s T(seconds) 2.261317×10-37s 4.522263×10-37s 9.045269×10-37s
8.473542×10-30m 1.694708×10-29m 3.389416×10-29m Length(m) 6.778833×10-29m 1.355766×10-28m 2.711533×10-28m
1.141118×10-2kg 2.282236×10-2kg 4.564472×10-2_kg M(kilograms) 9.128944×10-2kg 1.825788×10-1kg 3.651577×10-1kg
9.8335245×10-13C 1.9667049×10-12C 3.9334098×10-12C C(Coulombs) 7.866819×10-12C 1.573363×10-11C 3.146727×10-11C
1.155658×10-21K 2.311316×10-21K 4.622633×10-21K Temp(Kelvin) 9.245266×10-21K 1.849053×10-20K 3.698106×10-20K
131,072 262,144 524,288 B2_Doublings 1,048,576 2097152 4194304
1.8014399×1016 1.4411519×1017 1.1529215×1018 ScalingV 9.223372×1018 7.378697×1019 5.902958×1020
299,792,603.348 299,773,600.97 299,773,760.058 Light m/sec 299,773,671.714 299,798,132.04 299,773,616.462
Discussion: A simple logic suggests that base-8 expansion, scaling vertices, build upon the prior notation. Nothing goes away. It is hypostatized or imputed to be the very structure of the universe that everything shares. The time within each notation could be understood to be the speed by which interactions take place. It is a duration that is infrastructure, not past-present-or-future. Within this definition, these would be pointfree vertices.

Note: https://www.mathsisfun.com/calculator-precision.html

Key questions about order, relations and dynamics: What is sleep? Where is sleep? Why do living things sleep? The suspicion is that sleep is within the small-scale universe. Sleep does not activate any brain neurons (4 microns to 100 microns or notations 97 to 102), atoms or particles. More to come. This is a placeholder and today is May 8, 2016.

Key words, primary concepts, and links to references for these ten notations: Can we begin to explore the finite-infinite relation before we get too far away from notation #1. Can we assume that the simple mathematical continuity established by base-2 is meaningful? Is it a deep part of the structure of the universe? Much more work to come.

Notation, Exponentiation, Vertex Counts for B2 and Scaling Vertices: From notations 19 to 24 the actual number of vertices is stored in its own page which can be accessed by clicking here