Notations 145 to 150 of 200+
The first minute, just 60 seconds, and look how far the universe has come!
145 146 147 <-Steps->
148 149 150
2.4046.seconds 4.8092.s 9.6185.s T(seconds) 19.237.s 38.47432.s 76.9486.s
720,849.264.km 1,441,698.528.km 2,883,397.056.km L(meters) 5,766,794.112.km 11,533,588.224.km 23,067,176.488.km
9.7075×1034kg 1.9415×1035kg 3.883×1035kg M(kilograms) 7.7660×1035kg 1.5532×1036kg 3.1064×1036kg
8.3654×1025C 1.673×1026C 3.3461×1026C C(Coulombs) 6.6923×1026C 1.3384×1027C 2.6769×1027C
9.831×1014 K 1.966×1015 K 3.932×1015 K T(Kelvin) 7.865×1015 K 1.573×1016 K 3.146×1016 K
1.1150×1043 2.2300×1043 4.4601×1043 B2Vertices 8.9202×1043 1.7840×1044 3.568×1044
8.8725×10130 7.0980×10131 5.6784×10132 ScalingV 4.5427×10133 3.6341×10134 2.9073×10135
Discussion: 5631.6349.km was deleted from notation 139. As of 22 April 2016, all the notations for length will be backed down one notation. We will force the speed of light to coordinate with the length it covers in one second. All these notations will also be double checked and cross referenced to the other three key charts. We will correct simple math errors as quickly as possible.
Key questions about order, relations and dynamics: These notations can be looked at from several perspectives. You may find a duplicate page of these numbers where the word, Steps” has been changed to reflect that view of the data. Each step could be a cluster, domain, doubling, group, layer, notation, set and/or step.
Vertex Counts for B2 and Scaling: From notations 139 to 200+ the actual number of vertices will be stored in its own page which can be accessed by clicking here.

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