Notations 151 to 156 of 200+
How does this first hour of creation compare with the Big Bang?
151 152 153 <-Steps->
154 155 156
153.8972.seconds 307.794.s 615.589.s T(seconds) 1231.178.s 2462.3566.s 4924.713.s
46,134,352.896+.km 92,268,705.792+.km 184,537,411.584.km L(meters) 369,074,823.168.km 738,149,646.336.168.km 1.4762×1012.km
6.21283×1036kg 1.2425×1037kg 2.4851×1037kg M(kilograms) 4.9702×1037kg 9.9405×1037kg 1.9881×1038kg
5.3538×1027C 1.0707×1028C 2.1415×1028C C(Coulombs) 4.2831×1028C 8.5662×1028C 1.7132×1029C
6.292×1016 K 1.258×1017 K 2.5168×1017 K T(Kelvin) 5.0336×1017 K 1.0067×1018 K 2.013×1018 K
7.136×1044 1.427×1045 2.8544×1045 B2Vertices 5.708×1045 1.141×1046 2.283×1046
2.325×10136 1.860×10137 1.4885×10138 ScalingV 1.1908×10139 9.5268×10139 7.6214×10140
Discussion: 3600 seconds, between notations 155 and 156, account for the first hour of creation. In this model it appears that the infrastructure to create the universe to this point is the same infrastructure that sustains the universe. It appears that in this model “the first hour container” which is notation 155, is still working today.

Note that 3600 seconds equals an hour, multiplied by the speed of light is 1,079,252,848.800 kilometers. See notation 156.

Key questions about order, relations and dynamics:

Vertex Counts for B2 and Scaling: From notations 139 to 200+ the actual number of vertices will be stored in its own page which can be accessed by clicking here.

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