Notations 181 to 186 of 200+
Expanding toward 1,000,000 Years, then an Eon (one billion years).
181 182 183 <-Steps->
184 185 186
165,245,956,493.s 330,491,912,986.s 660,983,825,972.s T(seconds) 1,321,967,651,940.s 2,643,935,303,880.s 5,287,870,607,760.s
4.953×1019.km 9.907×1019.km 1.98×1020.km L(meters) 3.96×1020.km 7.925×1020.km 1.585×1021.km
6.67×1045kg 1.334×1046kg 2.668×1046kg M(kilograms) 5.336×1046kg 1.067×1047kg 2.134×1047kg
5.748×1036C 1.149×1037C 2.299×1037C C(Coulombs) 4.598×1037C 9.197×1037C 1.839×1038C
6.755×1025 K 1.351×1026 K 2.702×1026 K T(Kelvin) 5.404×1026 K 1.080×1027 K 2.161×1027 K
7.6624×1053 1.5324×1054 3.0649×1054 B2Vertices 6.1299×1054 1.2259×1055 2.4519×1055
1.842×10164 1.4742×10165 1.1793×10166 ScalingV 9.4349×10166 7.547×10167 6.0383×10168
Discussion: The First Million Years: There are 31,556,952 seconds in a year, 31,556,952,000 seconds in a millennium and 31,556,926,000,000 seconds in a million years (Notations 187-188).

Key questions about order, relations and dynamics:

Notation, Exponentiation, Vertex Counts for B2 and Scaling Vertices: From notations 169 to 200+ the actual number of vertices will be stored in its own page which can be accessed by clicking here.

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