Notations 187 to 192 of 200+
toward 1,000,000 Years (Notations 188 and 189) and next will come an Eon (one billion years).
187 188 189 <-Steps->
190 191 192
10,575,741,215,500.s 21,151,482,431,000.s 42,302,964,862,000.s T(seconds) 84,605,929,724,000.s 169,211,859,448,000.s 338,423,718,896,000.s
3.170×1021.km 6.340×1021.km 1.268×1022.km L(meters) 2.536×1022.km 5.072×1022.km 1.014×1023.km
4.269×1047kg 8.538×1047kg 1.707×1048kg M(kilograms) 3.415×1048kg 6.831×1048kg 1.366×1049kg
3.679×1038C 7.358×1038C 1.471×1039C C(Coulombs) 2.943×1039C 5.886×1039C 1.177×1040C
4.323×1027 K 8.647×1027 K 1.729×1028 K T(Kelvin) 3.459×1028 K 6.918×1028 K 1.383×1029 K
4.9039×1055 9.8074×1055 1.9615×1056 B2Vertices 3.923×1056 7.846×1056 1.569×1057
4.8306×10170 3.864×10171 3.091×10172 ScalingV 2.473×10173 1.978×10174 1.582×10175
Discussion: The First Million Years: There are 31,556,952 seconds in a year, 31,556,952,000 seconds in a millennium and 31,556,926,000,000 seconds in a million years (Notations 188-189).

Key questions about order, relations and dynamics:

Notation, Exponentiation, Vertex Counts for B2 and Scaling Vertices: From notations 169 to 200+ the actual number of vertices will be stored in its own page which can be accessed by clicking here.

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