Notations 193 to 198 of 200+
The billion year container is between notation 199 and 200.
193 194 195 <-Steps->
196 197 198
338,423,718,896,000.s 676,847,437,792,000.s 1,353,694,875,580,000.s T(seconds) 2,707,389,751,160,000.s 5,414,779,502,320,000.s 10,829,559,004,600,000.s
2.029×1023.km 4.058×1023.km 8.116×1023.km L(meters) 1.623×1024.km 3.246×1022.km 6.492×1023.km
2.732×1049kg 5.464×1049kg 1.092×1050kg M(kilograms) 2.185×1050kg 4.371×1050kg 8.743×1050kg
2.354×1040C 4.709×1040C 9.418×1040C C(Coulombs) 1.883×1041C 3.767×1041C 7.534×1041C
2.767×1029 K 5.534×1029 K 1.106×1030 K T(Kelvin) 2.213×1030 K 4.427×1030 K 8.885×1030 K
3.138×1057 6.277×1057 1.255×1058 B2Vertices 2.5108×1058 5.021×1058 1.004×1059
1.266×10176 1.013×10177 8.104×10177 ScalingV 6.483×10178 5.188×10179 4.149×10180
Discussion: The Fullness of Time: On the approach to the first billion years of the universe, it is within these six notations that the universe as we experience it begins. There are 31,556,926,000,000,000 seconds in an eon that is a billion years, between notations 199 and 200.

Key questions about order, relations and dynamics:

Notation, Exponentiation, Vertex Counts for B2 and Scaling Vertices: From notations 169 to 200+ the actual number of vertices will be stored in its own page which can be accessed by clicking here.

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