By the 30th notation the universe weighs about 50 pounds (23.7 kilograms)!
25 26 27 ←Domains→ 28 29 30
1.8090539×10-36s 3.6181079×10-36s 7.2362158×10-36s T(seconds) 1.4472431×10-35s 2.8944863×10-35s 5.7889726×10-35s
5.423067×10-28m 1.084613×10-27m 2.169226×10-27m L(meters) 4.338453×10-27m 8.676907×10-27m 1.735381×10-26m
7.30315×10-1kg 1.460631 kg 2.92126 kg M(kilograms) 5.84252 kg 11.685 kg 23.37 kg
6.29345510-11C 1.25869×10-10C 2.51738×10-10C C(Coulombs) 5.0347×10-10C 1.0069×10-9C 2.0139×10-9C
7.396213×10-20K 1.479242×10-19K 2.9584853×10-19K T(Kelvin) 5.916970×10-19K 1.183394×10-18K 2.366788×10-18K
8,388,608 16,777,216 33,554,432 B2Vertices 67,108,864 134,217,728 268,435,456
4.722366×1021 3.777893×1022 3.0223145×1023 ScalingV 2.4178516×1024 1.9342813×1025 1.547425×1026
299,792,603.34 299,773,600.97 299,773,760.05 Light m/sec 299,773,671.71 299,798,132.04 299,773,616.46
Discussion: The speed of light calculations are still very early-stage work. The experimental measurement is 299,792,458 meters/second in a vacuum. Within notations 25-30, simple results are given (above). To obtain more precise information, the next step will be to carry each out ten decimal places, and if that begins to suggest something, we will go out 100 places, and keep doing recalculations. Perhaps we just might find some clues along the way, i.e. begin to see some patterns, would tell us something all the dimensionless constants within those calculations.

Key questions:

Key words: Finite-infinite: Leibniz–Clarke correspondence: In the debate between Sir Isaac Newton (through Samuel Clarke), we side with the relational view of Leibniz. The Infinite appears to defined by continuity, symmetry and harmony, the perfections of order, relations, and dynamics. Of course, continuity equations are established between the Planck base units and their respective numbers at the Age of the Universe today and the Observable Universe today. We have imputed geometries from the first notations. For more, see the posting, Numbers: On Constructing the Universe From Scratch. These geometries create simple symmetries, broken symmetries, and a multiplicity of symmetry groups. At some point within the small scale universe, the symmetry have enough space and time to interact and cause dynamical moments. Within our Universe Table and UniverseView, Systems begins at notation 50.

Notation, Exponentiation, Vertex Counts for B2 and Scaling Vertices: From notations 25 to 30 the actual number of vertices is stored in its own page which can be accessed by clicking here

Open: Temporary record of exact base-8 figures – 590295810358705651712, 4722366482869645213696, 37778931862957161709568, 302231454903657293676544, 2417851639229258349412352, 19342813113834066795298816, 154742504910672534362390528