The time and length are still so small and short, for most of us, it is still less than meaningful.
43 44 45 ←Steps→ 46 47 48
4.742326×10-31s 9.484652×10-31s 1.896930×10-30s T(seconds) 3.793861×10-30s 7.587722×10-30s 1.517544×10-29s
1.421624×10-22m 2.843249×10-22m 5.686498×10-22m L(meters) 1.137299×10-21m 2.274599×10-21m 4.5491984×10-21m
1.914478×105kg 3.828956×105kg 7.657913×105kg M(kilograms) 1.531582×106kg 3.06316×106kg 6.12633×106kg
1.649791×10-5C 3.299583×10-5C 6.599166×10-5C C(Coulombs) 1.31983×10-4C 2.63966×10-4C 5.27933×10-4C
1.93887×10-14K 3.87774×10-14K 7.75549×10-14K T(Kelvin) 1.55109×10-13K 3.102196×10-13K 6.204393×10-13K
2.1990232×1012 4.3980465×1012 8.796093×1012 B2Vertices 1.7592186×1013 3.5184372×1013 7.0368744×1013
6.8056473×1038 5.4445179×1039 4.3556143×1040 ScalingV 3.4844914×1041 2.7875931×1042 2.2300745×1043
299,773,613 299,773,613.221 299,773,646.959 Meters/second 299,773,646.95 299,773,798.669 299,773,680.679
More Examination of Increases in Mass: Along the Mass/Kilogram line, the sizes are now growing quite large:
Notation 43: 191,447.84 kilograms (km) or 422,070 pounds
Notation 44: 382,895.68
Notation 45: 765,791.37
Notation 46: 1,531,582.75
Notation 47: 3,063,165.50
Notation 48: 6,126,331 (13,506,247 pounds or about 6753 US tons like large metal cruise ships or bulk cargo-carrying ships).

Key questions about order, relations and dynamics:
The leading theory about the structure of the universe is founded within the big bang theory. It is not simple. It is not elegant. It does not respect the Planck base units. It has no causal efficacy. It is very poor theory upon which to base our sciences and our understanding of the universe.

In stark contrast, this chart evolves from most minute quantities of the most basic constituents of reality. It builds incrementally. And as we will see, the it builds a universe cluster by cluster, domain by domain, one doubling at a time, with natural groups, layers and sets.

Notation, Exponentiation, Vertex Counts for B2 and Scaling Vertices: From notations 43 to 48 the actual number of vertices is stored in its own page which can be accessed by clicking here