At the 58th notation under charge (Coulombs) the value is just over 1.
55 56 57 ←Steps→ 58 59 60
1.9424568×10-27s 3.8849137×10-27s 7.7698275×10-27s T(seconds) 1.55396551×10-26s 3.10793103×10-26s 6.215862×10-26s
5.82297×10-19m 1.16459×10-18m 2.32918×10-18m L(meters) 4.65837×10-18m 9.31675×10-18m 1.863351×10-17m
7.841670×108kg 1.568340×109kg 3.136681×109kg M(kilograms) 6.27336×109kg 1.25467×1010kg 2.50934×1010kg
6.7575465×10-2C 1.3515093×10-1C 2.7030186×10-1C C(Coulombs) 5.4060372 C 1.0812074 C 2.1624149 C
7.94162×10-11K 1.58832×10-10K 3.1766 ×10-10K T(Kelvin) 6.3532×10-10K 1.27065×10-9K 2.54131×10-9K
9.007199×1015×1015 1.8014398×1016 3.6028797×1016 B2Vertices 7.2057594×1016 1.4411518×1017 2.8823037×1017
4.6768052×1049 3.7414441×1050 2.9931553×1051 ScalingV 2.39452428×1052 1.91561942×1053 1.5324955×1054
299,774,511.57 299,772,710.3 299,772,710.3 Lightm/sec 299,774,125.46 299,773,482.672 299,773,643.55
Planck Charge: Notice the Planck Charge multiple has now grown to a whole number. The transition to 1 coulomb is between notations 58 and 59. At a temperature of 6.3532×10-10 Kelvin, the Mass is still superconducting and will be up to about 203 Kelvin (or -70º C or -94.27º F) which is reach between notation 106 and 107. Now we will watch the rapid rise of the coulombs value. What does it mean?

Continued Mass Analysis: Within notation 55, mass is now 1.7 billion pounds (1,728,799,734.88 lbs).
55. 784,170,368.36864 kilograms
56. 1,568,340,736.73728
57. 3,136,681,473.47456
58. 6,273,362,946.94912
59. 12,546,725,893.89824
60. 25,093,451,787.79648

What about light?: 299,773,462.143 by 7 of 5 || 299,774,511.57 by 5 on 5
299,772,424.8 by 7 on 5 || 299,772,710.3 by 5 on 5

We will continue computing the light until the entire chart is completed. Then we will average the 201 notations and highlight the smallest and largest values after checking the math! Perhaps the figures will speak to somebody in some special way.

On working with the postulations of the big bang theorists:
All the Planck base unit values are keys to interpreting the epochs within the big bang theory.
Although technically the Planck Epoch should be just the first notation (#1) we will initially be giving it the first six notations. The Grand Unification Epoch we will float from Notations 7 to 60. The Inflationary Epoch will be renamed. The Electroweak Epoch may also be downgraded from an epoch to a transition. The Quark Epoch may begin with Notation 61. It is up for grabs. Much more analysis is required. We will be using the temperature requirements of the big bang theorists to determine some of their placements. Yet, to be sure we are all on the same page, the universe is still so young, we have no instrumentation to measure such a short duration. Our first measurement of a duration will not happen until Notation 84.

Notation, Exponentiation, Vertex Counts for B2 and Scaling Vertices: From notations 55 to 60 the actual number of vertices is stored in its own page which can be accessed by clicking here.