Transitions from the Small Scale to the Human Scale
67 68 69 ←Steps→ 70 71 72
7.95630×10-24s 1.59126×10-23s 3.18252×10-23s T(seconds) 6.36504×10-23s 1.273008×10-22s 2.546017×10-22s
2.38509×10-17m 4.77018×10-17m 9.54036×10-16m L(meters) 1.90807×10-16m 3.81614×10-16m 7.6322×10-14m
3.211962×1012kg 6.423923×1012kg 1.284784×1013kg M(kilograms) 2.569569×1013kg 5.139138×1013kg 1.027827×1014kg
276.78910_C 553.57821_C 1.107156×103C C(Coulombs) 2.214312×103C 4.428625×103C 8.857251×103C
3.25288×10-7K 6.50576×10-7K 1.301152×10-6K T(Kelvin) 2.602304×10-6K 5.204608×10-6K 1.04092164×10-5K
3.6893488×1019 7.3786976×1019 1.4757395×1020 B2Vertices 2.9514791×1020 5.9029581×1020 1.1805916×1021
3.2138761×1060 2.5711009×1061 2.0568806×1062 ScalingV 1.6455046×1063 1.3164036×1064 1.0531229×1065
299,773,755.65 299,773,764.187 299,773,764.187 Lightm/sec 299,773,449.97 299,773,449.97 299,772,191.673
Redefining the big bang theory bbt through this quiet expansion of 201+ notations:: In this transition from the small-scale to human-scale universe, it is important to take stock of where we are in the universe. First, the 67th notation marks “one-third of 201.”

Though called the human-scale, Notation 67 to 134 are still very much a part of the infinitesimally small universe. At notation 134, the time duration is still 1.1741×10-3 seconds (one thousandth of a second). The first second of the universe is between notations 143 and 144.

Within the bbt, however, theorists are gaining some confidence because they can now confirm their concepts through experimentation and measurements. Most of the problems they will now encounter are due to the assumptions made to justify the four prior periods. Their contortions diminish the theory. They only have highly-theoretical data to justify the first four epochs of their theory. Up to about this point there has been no observational data from cosmology, astrophysics, particle physics, and theoretical physics to support their claims.

We are not yet aware of any problems the quiet expansion creates for this group at this point in the cosmic picture.

Within the QE Planck length scale, the fermion and proton could emerge within the 67th notation. Yet, according to big bang theorists, the Quark Epoch goes from about Notation 40 to Notation 100, the Hadron Epoch from 100 to 150, and the Lepton and the Photon Epochs from about 140 to 150.

As we move up the scale to 150, we can speculate about how each notation continues to evolve based on what is happening in the larger notations “above” it.

Key questions about order, relations and dynamics: cluster, domain, doubling, group, layer, notation, set and/or step

Link to Vertex Counts for B2 and Scaling: From notations 67 to 72 the actual number of vertices can be accessed by clicking here, the beginning of the Human Scale and end of the small-scale universe.

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