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Notice the Scaling Vertices are already over 8 Million at the 12th notation
7 8 9 <-Doublings->
10 11 12
6.900556×10-42s 1.380111×10-41s 2.760222×10-41s T(s) 5.52044×10-41s 1.10408×10-40s 2.20817×10-40s
2.06873×10-33m 4.13747×10-33m 8.274943×10-33m L(m) 1.654988×10-32m 3.309977×10-32m 6.619955×10-32m
2.78593×10 -6kg 5.57186×10-6kg 1.11437×10 -5kg M(kg) 2.22874×10 -5kg 4.45749×10-5kg 8.91498×10-5kg
2.400762×10-16C 4.801525×10-16C 9.603051×10-16C C(Coulombs) 1.920610×10-15C 3.841220×10-15C 7.682441×10-15C
2.821431×10-25K 5.642862×10-25K 1.128572×10-24K T(Kelvin) 2.257145×10-24K 4.514290×10-24K 9.028580×10-24K
32 64 128 B2 Vertices 256 512 1024
262,144 2,097,152 16,777,216 ScalingV 134,217,728 1,073,741,824 8,589,934,592
299,791,784.89 299,792,552.918 299,792,661.605 Light m/sec 299,792,770.14 299,794,398.957 299,793,720.592
Discussion: This fledgling model of the universe, to gain a little respect, will be required to incorporate the extensive work that has gone into the parametrization of ΛCDM (Lambda cold dark matter) or Lambda-CDM model. To begin that process, people have been challenged to find those formulas embedded within this model.

Speed of Light: These simple calculations are listed to challenge us to think of the processes and relations between numbers. This ratio, the notational multiples of the Planck Length to Planck Time, is very basic. Again, the experimental measurement is 299,792,458 meters/second in a vacuum. Within notation 7, the simple result of the numbers are given above. 299,791,784.89 m/s. Then variations are still difficult to discern. We will attempt to find the resolution of Planck Length and Planck Time carried out eight decimal places each and do recalculations.

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“Light: The ratio between Planck Time/Planck Length along all 201+ base-2 exponentiations from the Planck base units.”

“Let there be light! https://bbludata.wordpress.com/1-204/ Observe the 10th row. Planck Length/Planck Time ratio along 201+ notations!”

“Help interpret the math?!? https://bbludata.wordpress.com/1-204/ Background: In early May, some among us began asking the question, “Could the Big Bang theory implode?” Others made projects, “Perhaps we might start a movement to blow up the big bang. It’s inherent nihilism is making a mess of this little world.” May 2016

Key observation: These five Planck base units are intimately woven. There are hundreds of calculations to test between them.
Prediction: All the dimensionless constants will all be discerned among those calculations! The fabric of life is just beginning to be woven. The numbers are so small, meaning has yet to be imputed to them. Here it seems that we are in the domain of ontology and ontological designing, pointfree or incidence geometries, and systems philosophy.

Key Questions: Do these notations give the ontological studies a possible domain within which to work? Is there also a place within these notations for the mind? (This discussion/observations/questions inquiry was begun on May 6, 2016. It is “to be continued.”)

Key words: (primary concepts and links to references for these six notations) What about the placement of the Planck temperature? Do the calculations of Max Planck warrant that it be placed with the others at bottom of the chart?

Open: Your questions and comments are always welcomed.

Help wanted: For every notation, we would like to have an expert and a team. Within this group of notations, we seek help from those people expert in combinatorics, cellular automaton, cubic close packing, bifurcation theory (with Mitchell Feigenbaum’s constants), the Langlands program, mereotopology and point-free geometry (A.N. Whitehead, Harvard, 1929), the 80-known binary operations, and scalar field theory. Can you help us?